Assign and Complete Tasks. Share Reports.

AthenaTaskPro is a mobile solution for Community Risk Reduction, Fire Prevention, and More.

Business Inspections

Complete your business inspections using your own forms with the mobile app. Completed reports are geo-coded, time-stamped, synced command center and can be immediately shared.

Fire Hydrant Inspections

Complete tracking and inspections of Fire Hydrants using GIS mapping. Staff assignments, inspections, and reports are conducted using the mobile app and synced back to command center.

Home Safety Checks

Home safety checks can now be completed and tracked using the Athena mobile app. AthenaTaskPro will allow you to do more while improve community relations.

After The Fire

Complete your After the Fire inspections using your own forms with the mobile app. Completed reports are geo-coded, time-stamped, synced commmand center and can be immediately shared.

Safety In The Neighborhood

Improve for ISO Ratings with custom Safety in the Neighborhood programs that can now be completed and tracked using the Athena mobile app.

School Programs

Athena is the perfect tool for all School Inspections. Use your own forms, complete them with the mobile app. Safety plans, documents, and photos can be uploaded and shared.


Use Athena to request inventory on site. Use your own custom forms and reports for inventory check lists and logging of equipment testing.


Coordinate you presentation calendar and assignments. Use your own documents and videos for your presentation with easy sharing capabilities.

Community Events

Schedule all of your community event in the Athena calendar and assign staff members. Create your own lists for what is needed for organizing.

Using Athena is as Easy as 1-2-3

Assign Tasks from Command Center

From your cloud-based Command Center, custom tasks, forms, and reports are created. Staff assignments are managed, scheduled, and synced to staff members Mobile App. Includes GIS mapping, address, date, time, documents needed, instructions, and more.

Mobile App is Used to Complete the Task

The Mobile App is the used in the field to collect information, take photos, and complete the tasks and forms using the mobile device. Task-time duration and data collected is geo-coded and time-stamped for accuracy, tracking, and reporting. Documents can even be shared from the device.

Completed Tasks Auto-Sync back to Command Center

AthenaTaskPro syncs all activity and reports back the the hosted Command Center with GIS mapping. Coordinate follow-up and process all your reports with one click. Fast and easy.

GIS Mapping in Hosted Command Center and Mobile App

AthenaTaskPro includes GIS Mapping in the hosted Command Center and on the Mobile Apps. All the data collected, including photos are geo-coded and time stamped for accurate and documented reporting.

Dynamic Custom Reporting - Use Your Own Forms and Reports

AthenaTaskPro allows you to use your own forms and reports. With the dynamic report form builder, Athena will allow you to create your own forms and reports. And then share them quickly to assigned staff members mobile device for task completion.

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Includes an Asset Library of Your Documents/Videos for Sharing and Distribution

AthenaTaskPro includes a simple way for you to share your library of documents, videos, safety plans, and more. Distribute and share from the hosted Command Center and/or the Mobile App. The convenience of having all your safety documents at your fingertips is now a reality with Orion.

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